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Kettlebell Rack Position

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Kettlebell Rack Position

Kettle Bell Rack Position

The kettlebell rack position is a vital element of kettlebell training. This position allows clients to perform squats, presses, lunges and cleans. Without clients are unable to progress to these other movements if they don’t understand or have a strong rack position. This position should be comfortable and provide you with an opportunity to rest in between repetitions without putting the kettlebell down. This position is also vital when it comes to using two kettlebells.

Technique Tips :-

1. The hand sits in the ½ handle – ½ horn position. o Handle is at 40 degrees and sits deep in the hand.

2. The handle sits over the thumb, without the fingers wrapping around.

3. Thumb is tight to the chest and sternum.

4. Wrist remains strong and neutral.

5. Kettlebell sits in the crook of the elbow.

6. Elbow point downwards and stays tight to the body (this may be difficult for certain body types, including females).

7. Think about holding a newspaper under your arm.

8. Elbow sits in the hip (this may be difficult for certain body types, including females).

9.Relax back and lean backwards, so that the mass of the bell sits as centrally as possible to body midline. Heels, hips and bell are in one line.

10. Knees are locked.

11. Walking whilst holding kettlebells in the rack position can be a demanding task which helps create efficiency in the position.

What to avoid :-

1. Holding the handle only with the fingers.

2.Flexing of the wrist.

3. Flaring of the elbows.

4. Elbow not in the iliac crest (or a position that is as best as possible depending on body type).

5. Standing too upright.

6.The kettlebell sits either away from the body, or to the side of the body.

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