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Kettlebell Technique Goblet Squats

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat

Technique Tips:-

1. Kettlebell tucked into the upper chest held by the horns.

2 Elbows in.

3 Feet slightly wider than shoulder width with 0-30 degrees of foot flare.

4 Actively pull yourself to the floor.

5 Knees out, elbows track inside of knees.

6 Try to keen the shins as vertical as possible.

7 Push through heels.

8 Chest up/proud.

9 Fill the stomach of air before commencing the squat, exhale as you explode from the

bottom position.

10 Keep a neutral spine.

What to avoid:-

1.Standing either too narrow or too wide,

2.Knees ‘buckling’ or not tracking over the toes.

3.Weight not on the heels.

4.Chest dropping and not staying tall.

5.Not keeping a neutral spine.

6.Elbows flaring and not sliding between the legs in the bottom position.

Primary muscles worked:-

1.Shoulder Muscles

2. Quadriceps

3 Calves

4.Gluteus Maximus



Working Muscles

Goblet Squat

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